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Mission & History
Fearless! Services are free and confidential. Our Core Values: Freedom  safety, dignity, respect Survivor-Centered autonomy, agency, confidentiality, compassion Equality anti-oppressive, intersectional, equity Collaborative education, prevention Accountab

Our Mission
To build an informed, just, and accountable society so all people can experience supportive and safe relationships free from abuse, exploitation, and oppression. We do this by education, prevention, advocacy, and providing comprehensive services, including shelter, to victims and survivors of interpersonal violence, human trafficking, sexual violence, and other types of crime victimization.

We envision being the leading authority on interpersonal abuse and violence, collaborating with other agents of change in dismantling inter-sectional individual and systemic oppression.

In 1986, a group of friends gathered around a dining room table to form what was then called Orange County Safe Homes Project. What started as a small organization comprised of a hotline and shelter for domestic violence victims has expanded and grown to an increasingly bold and empowered agency that advocates for change while supporting survivors. We now are the only private, not-for-profit agency in Orange and Sullivan Counties in NY dedicated to assisting survivors of domestic violence, teen dating violence, and human trafficking by providing free and confidential services.

See our impact and how we've grown:

Trained advocates are available 24/7 to provide support, information and referrals to victims and their families, and community members. Call our crisis hotline at 845-562-5340.

If you are a business, organization, or member of the community and would like additional information on our agency, please call our main office during normal business hours at 845-562-5365 or send an email.

How We Helped in 2023

  • Hotline Calls


  • Nights of Safety


  • Advocacy Services


  • Adults & Children Served


  • Supportive Counseling Services


  • 09/12/2022 Swing Fore Hope Sponsor
    09/12/2023 Swing Fore Hope Sponsor

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    09/12/22 Swing Fore Hope & 10/1/23 Brunch

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    4/21/24 - Brunch Sponsor

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  • 10/16/22 & 10/22/23 - Media Champion 5K

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